Wednesday, September 5, 2012


These pictures of injustice represent some of the challenges students face in schools today. While technology is rapidly advancing, students can't even access up to date technological tools. Students use this "computer lab" to work on assignments. These computers are very old and most of them don't even work.


  1. Our computer labs look very similar! I was surprised when I went into my teacher's class and saw the whole back wall of computers. Then realized how old they were and my teacher told me very few of them worked and he was getting them taken out. It is so terrible that students cannot gain access to up to date technology when it is their future!

  2. That is very disappointing to see. I was lucky to get placed at a newer school this semester, so much of the technology is fairly new and up-to-date. Many teachers can implement much more creative and innovative lessons when technology can be incorporated, and it is a shame there are not more resources available at your school site.

  3. They really need to secure some funding for computers! Computers are an essential part of our world and students should be taught on the latest technology! I can only hope that parents of students will raise some sort of fuss to get the ball rolling on some new computers!