Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Name

Noha is my name. It was chosen by my mom's friend. My mom told me that she had picked a name for me before I was born, "Lobna" was the name she picked. She wanted to name me after a popular Egyptian actor, however my dad didn't like the name "because it has no meaning he said". Therefore, I had no name when I was born, till later that day when my mom's friend came and suggested "Noha". My mom loved the name and my dad was convinced after he found out that the Arabic word Noha means "the mind".

My name is always misunderstood and mispronounced as Noah. Although Noah is a masculine name and Noha is only used as feminine, they are pronounced differently, and written differenlty, people still confuse them.
A couple of years ago I applied for a job online and was called for an interview. When I arrived at the company for the interview, I sat next to a lady, also waiting to be called in for an interview. Across the room there was a gentleman sitting also waiting to be called in. The interviewer walked to the room looking at the gentleman and said "Noah?", the gentleman said "No". Then I had to shout "Yes, this is me". Althouh it wasn't me, my name is Noha not Noah!

But still..If I could choose any name it would defininelty be Noha!! Because it's me. I love the meaning behnd it. I just hope people can say it right. :)

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