Saturday, October 6, 2012

Accurate (i + 1) Assessment for English learners

Maggie is an ELL level 2 (Early Intermediate). The assessment is i+1 "Intermediate level"

Intermediate ELD Level, Comprehension and Organization and Delivery of Oral Communication
Participate in social conversations with peers and adults on familiar topics by asking and answering questions and soliciting information.
Writing: 1ES: Recognize elements of characterization in a piece of writing and apply the same techniques when writing.
(Cognitive/ Affective/ Language)

A. Diagnostic/ Entry Level
During the first 5 minutes of the class, students will be asked questions about the topic to assess their level of understanding and their previous knowledge.
B. Formative/ Progress Monitoring
Teacher will monitor students’ discussions and encourage all students to participate and share their ideas.
C. Summative
Students will write the definitions on the graphic organizer, illustrate their understanding with drawings, and turn it in at the end of class.

Assessment Rubric for ELD
Definition of term

ELD Standard:
Uses basic vocabulary to describe the term
Uses some formal vocabulary words introduced in class
Writes correct definition with few spelling or grammatical errors.
Writes correct definitions with no spelling or grammatical

Visual representation
Draws a visual representation of few terms without labeling
Draws visual representation of all terms labeling some
Draws visual representation of all terms labeling all with few errors.
Draws visual representation of all terms labeling all coreectly.

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